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Jackson Freeman was born about 1811 in Grainer County, Tennessee. He was the son of John Freeman and Sarah (probably Jackson), both possibly born in Virginia. Jackson is our family direct ancestor.

Most of our early information is from "The Freeman Family Tree", written on July 25, 1932 by George Washington Freeman, grandson of John Freeman. This information was graciously copied for me by Rita Freeman, a member of his more immediate family.

"....John Freeman settled in Virginia and later emigrated to Tennessee. His wife was a Jackson. She was of Scotch Irish extraction, remotely related to T.J. Jackson, aka. Stonewall Jackson, who was killed during the Civil War."

I am indebted to Missy Aldridge, an excellect researcher, who has collected and organized most of our family information, as follows.

John Freeman married Sarah (Jackson ?) and they had the following children:

John Freeman, the eldest child. Nothing more is known about John.

Jackson Freeman, born about 1811 in Grainger County, Tennessee and died after 1880, probably in Decatur County, Tennessee. He lived for a while during the 1850s in Jefferson County, Iowa, was in Henderson County, TN in 1860 and Decatur County, TN in 1880.

Joel Freeman went to Iowa prior to 1840 and settled in the southeastern part of Henry County, Iowa at Glascow. He then went to California for a short stay, afterwards moving to Knox County, in northeastern Missouri.

James M. Freeman also went to Iowa prior to 1840 and lived in the Henry County area. He was not married. James went to Sonoma County County California in 1850 with his brother William. They engaged in farming. The Indians came one day and murdered James. He died before March 1885 in Sonoma County California.

William M. Freeman was born in January 1816 in Grainger County, Tennessee. He married first on 21 March 1835 in Grainger County, Tennessee and had four children with Sarah Churchman. Sarah was born about 1812 in TN. She did not want to leave her family in TN and did not go to Iowa with William and his brothers. William divorced Sarah and remarried in Iowa, before leaving for California.William died in 1877 near Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California.


Joshua Freeman was born on 4 April 1822 and died on 25 November 1895.

Mary Ann Freeman was born about 1827.

Matilda Freeman


Jackson Freeman married Jane Walters. Her parents names are unknown. Jane was born about 1824 in TN and died after 1880. Jackson and Jane are buried in unmarked graves at Peace Chapel Church Cemetery near Scotts Hill, TN. Jackson and Jane had the following children:

Mary Jane Freeman born in March 1842 and died on 23 March 1916.

Amanda T. Freeman was born about 1844 in TN.

William T. Freeman was born about 1847 in TN.

John A. Freeman was born in December 1847.

George Washington Freeman was born in 1856 in Iowa. He died in 1859 in Henderson County, TN. The cause of death was fever.

Nancy Elizabeth Freeman was born about 1858 in Iowa.

I.T. Freeman was born about 1858 in Iowa. He died before 1860.

Perry Newton Freeman was born on 30 June 1861 and died on 16 January 1935.



William M. Freeman and Sally Churchman had four children as follows:

Joel Edward Freeman, born 9 Jan 1836, died 4 May 1922.

James Allen Freeman "Jim", born about 1837 in TN, died 13 Nov 1899, Sierra County, CA. He married Elizabeth Treasure.

Matilda M. Freeman born about 1840.

Freeman (name and date unknown)

William M. Freeman married second Clarissa Jane Hughell, daughter of Joseph Hughell and Pheobe Pugh, on 10 Aug 1848 in Jefferson County, Iowa. Clarissa was born 10 Aug 1829 in Illinois. She died 7 Dec 1916 and is buried in Sunset View Cemetery in California. William and Clarissa had the following children:

George Washington Freeman, born 22 Dec 1849 in Bativia, Jefferson Co.,Iowa and died 10 May 1935 in Alameda County, CA. He married first Margaret Jane Carr on 12 June 1891. She was born 2 Dec 1845 and died in Dec 1917. George married second Josephine Nelson in June 1919. She died on 12 June 1925.

Malissa Freeman was born in 1856 in Iowa and died 20 April 1857 in Jefferson County, Iowa. She is buried in the Brethern Cemetery in Jefferson County, Iowa.

Frank N. Freeman was born 17 Oct 1858 and died 27 April 1923.

Dr. Clara May Freeman was born 6 May 1861 in Sierra County, CA and died 12 July 1919 in San Francisco Co., CA.

Adah Orelana Freeman was born 10 DEc 1864 and died 6 Dec 1931.

Laura Alice Freeman was born 4 Nov 1866 and died 5 Aug 1951.


Joshua Freeman, born 4 April 1822 in Tennessee and died 25 Nov 1895 in Harper County, Kansas. He is buried in the Danville Cemetery in Danville, Kansas. (I wonder if this is the ancestor of the Freeman families that we knew in Burlington Kansas?). Joshua married Cynthia Moss Smith in 1840 in Dallas in Hamilton County, TN. Cynthia was born 24 Nov 1823 in NC and died 7 Aug 1900. She is also buried in the Danville Cemetery. In 1856 and in 1860 Joshua was living in Jeferson County, Iowa. Joshua and Cynthia had the following children:

Mary Freeman, born about 1841 in Iowa.

George Washington Freeman, born 4 Jan 1847 and died on 10 Mar 1907.

Thomas Freeman, born about 1850 in Iowa.

Sarah E. Freeman, born about 1851 in Iowa.

Texas A. Freeman, born about 1853 in Iowa.

Cartilla Freeman, born about 1855 in Iowa.

Sylvester G. Freeman, born about 1857 in Iowa.

Frances C. Freeman, born about 1858 in Iowa.


Mary Ann Freeman was born about 1827 in TN. She married first John Lowe. They had the following children:

John Lowe, Jr., born 2 April 1848 and died 8 nov 1907.

James Lowe

Alonzo Lowe, born 27 Mar 1853 and died 14 June 1931.

Richard Lowe

Jean Lowe

Mellissa Lowe


Mary Jane Freeman, (daughter of Jackson, son of John), born March 1842 in TN, died 23 Mar 1916 in Henderson County, TN. She is buried in the Oak Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, Henderson County, TN. During the 1850s, she lived in Jefferson County, Iowa, then for the rest of her life resided in Henderson County, TN. Mary married first Thomas Aldridge (or Eldridge, according to her obituary ?) Her first husband could have also been John Aldridge, according to her son, John Washington Freeman/Aldridge's death certificate. Her husband fought for the Union during the Civil War and was said to have died in Andersonville Prison about the time of his son's birth in 1864. It is also believed that he did return home after the war and was shot in the back as he entered the gate of his yard returning home from the war. Wife, Mary was standing in the door watching. Thomas? and Mary had the following children:

John Washington Freeman/Aldridge was born 15 Feb 1864 and died 18 July 1941.


Mary Jane Freeman married second Jesse Moody, son of Robert Moody and Nancy. Jesse was born in 1826 in Marion County, SC and died after 1880. Jesse and Mary had the following children:

Manerva J. Moody, born 24 Aug 1866 and died 24 June 1934.

William G. Moody, born abour 1869 in TN and died about 1935 in Senath, Missouri. He is buried in the McGrew Cemetery in Dunklin County, MO. William married Nancy M. Long "Sis" on 2 July 1904 in Henderson County, TN.

Asa T. Moody, born in May 1872.

Amanda Ellen Moody, born 6 June 1874, died 6 Mar 1952.

Wilson Moody "Wils", born Feb 1878 in TN. This may be the Jesse W. Moody buried in the Grove Hill Cemetery in Leonard, Fannin County, Texas.

Riley Jordan Moody, born 1880 and died in April 1929.

Sheridan R. Moody, born Nov 1881. Sheridan R. and Riley Jordan Moody may be the same person, with different census spellings.

Maybell Moody, born 27 Jan 1883 and died 29 Jan 1859.


John A. Freeman (son of Jackson, son of John) was born in Dec. 1847 in TN. He lived in Jefferson County, Iowa in the 1850s, then in Henderson County, TN from 1860 through 1900. John married first Vina (Sarah M.) Moody. Vina was born about 1842 in TN. John and Vina had the following children:

John N. Freeman "Johnnie", born 2 July 1872 in TN and died 18 Aug 1936 in Henderson County, TN. The was buried in the County Cemetery. John was married to Rosa. Her maiden name is unknown.

Amanda E. Freeman, born about 1878 in TN.

Andrew J. Freeman, born in 1880 in TN.

Jesse J. Freeman, born in 1880.

Mary Belle Freeman, born in Mar 1886, died 30 Apr 1946.

Steven Adam Freeman "Adam", born about 1886 in TN. He married Emma Powers on 2 Oct 1916 in Decatur County, TN. She was born about 1877 in TN.

George Washington Freeman, born 4 July 1890 and died 7 Mar 1946. His first wife's name is unknown. He married second Nancy Johnson on 16 Nov 1889 in Decatur County, TN. Nancy was born in June 1854 in TN.


Perry Newton Freeman (son of Jackson, son of John), born 30 June 1861 in TN and died 16 Jan 1935 in Henderson County, TN. Perry married Erman Elizabeth Thompson on 30 Jan 1887 in Decatur County, TN. She was born in Jan 1861 in Kentucky and died in 1934. Both Perry and Erman are buried in the Peace Chapel Church Cemetery in Decatur County (near Scotts Hill), TN. Perry and Erman had the following children:

Mary E. Freeman, born Feb 1888, living in Madison County, TN in 1900 and 1910.

Janie Freeman, born Jan 1889, living in Madison County, TN in 1900 and 1910. Janie married a Kennedy, first name unknown.

William Newton Freeman, born 25 Sept 1893, died 2 Nov 1968.

Samuel D. Freeman "Sam", born 24 Apr 1895, died 6 July 1971 in Butte County, CA.

Clara Mae Freeman, born 17 Aug 1897, died 29 May 1966.


Joel Edward Freeman "Ed" ( son of William M., son of John), born 9 Jan 1836 in Jefferson County, TN, died 4 May 1922 in Sierra County, CA. He lived in Grainger County, Tn in 1850. Joel married Virginia Cooksey on 1 May 1859 in Ringgold, Iowa. Virginia was born 19 Feb 1842 in Franklin County, Indiana and died 5 Dec 1912. In 1885, they were living in Sierra County, CA. Joel and Virginia had the following children:

Willis Freeman, born 22 Jan 1860, died 4 Apr 1942.

William Frank Freeman, born 19 July 1862, died 29 oct 1936.

John Freeman, born 13 Oct 1863, died 15 Dec 1929. John married Margaret Hall on 22 Dec 1917. Margaret died on 15 Dec 1929.

Sarah Freeman, born 18 Mar 1865, died 23 Feb 1926.

Thomas Edward Freeman "Eddie", born 21 Jan 1870, died 28 Apr 1935, buried Browns Valley Cemetery in CA.

Charles Henry Freeman, born 23 July 1877, died 13 July 1946.


Matilda M. Freeman (daughter of William M., son of John), born about 1840 in TN, living in Grainger County, TN in 1850 and Wapello County, Iowa in 1870. Matilda married Oliver Foor on 18 Mar 1858 in Jefferson County, Iowa. Oliver was born about 1838 in Pennsylvania. Oliver and Matilda had the following children:

Mellissa Foor, born about 1860 and died in 1889.

George Foor, born about 1861 in TN, living in Wapello County, Iowa in 1870.

Rhoda Penelope Foor, born 8 Jan 1861, died 11 Mar 1946.

Louise Foor, born about 1865 in Iowa, living in Wapello County, Iowa in 1870.

William Foor, born about 1867 in Iowa, living in Wapello County, Iowa in 1870.

Foor (first name unknown)

Andrew Foor, born about 1870 in Wapello County, Iowa.


Frank N. Freeman ( son of William M., son of John), born 17 Oct 1858 in Jefferson County, Iowa, died Apr 1923. Frank married Ada F. Parker 2 July 1885. Ada was born 12 Feb 1864 and died in El Dorado County, CA. Frank and Ada had the following children:

Loucratia Jane Freeman, born 18 May 1886. She married Dan Bagneschi on 13 Sept. 1922.

Ada Bell Freeman, born 19 Sep 1887, married Charles Jones.

William James Freeman, born 17 Aug 1889, died 29 Jun 1948.

John Edward Freeman, born 28 June 1892.

Clarence Winthrope Freeman, born 28 April 1894 in Nevada, and died 16 Jan 1981 in El Dorado County, CA.


Adah Orelana Freeman (daughter of William M., son of John), born 10 Dec 1864 in Sierra County, CA, died 6 Dec 1931 in San Joaquin County, CA. Adah married Iddo Jason Stubbs on 12 Oct 1888. Iddo was born 21 July 1861 in Des Moines, Iowa and died in San Joaquin County, CA. Adah and Iddo had the following children:

Clarrissa Hannah Stubbs, born 21 Feb 1893, died 28 Feb 1980.

Viola Eleanor Stubbs, born 14 Mar 1901, died 1 Feb 1990.


Laura Allice Freeman ( daughter of William M., son of John), born 4 Nov 1866 in CA and died 5 Aug 1951 in Alameda County, CA. Laura married James Wemple Isom on 8 Apr 1888. James was born 22 Dec 1861 and died 27 Jan 1918 in Alameda County, CA. They had the following children:

Amy Lucille Isom, born 27 Dec 1888.

Clarrissa Wemple Isom, born 8 Oct 1891.

James A. Isom, born 23 June 1897, died March 1983.


George Washington Freeman (son of Joshua, son of John), was born 4 Jan 1847 in Iowa and died 10 Mar 1907 in Carrier, Oklahoma. In 1860, he was living in Jefferson County, Iowa. George married a Jefferies, first name unknown. They had the following children:

Ethel Freeman

Georgia Freeman

Neta Belle Freeman, born in 1872.


John Lowe, Jr. (son of Mary Ann Freeman, daughter of John), born 2 April 1848 in Iowa, died 8 Nov 1907 in Susanville, CA, buried in Susanville, CA, married Sarah Rebecca Barham on 28 May 1878. Sarah was born 18 Feb 1859 and died 28 June 1898. John and Sarah had the following children:

Florella Arvilla Lowe, born 27 Feb 1879, died 17 July 1955.

Millard Franklin Lowe, born 18 Sep 1882, married Jessie Rea McKay.

Ethel Viola Lowe, born 28 July 1885.

Laura Alta Lowe, born 7 Feb 1887, died 9 Feb 1917.

Jessie Maud Lowe, born 30 Dec 1888.

Leona May Lowe, born 2 May 1891, died 7 Apr 1900.

son Lowe, born Jan 1896, died 11 days later.


Alonzo Lowe (son of Mary Ann Freeman, daughter of John), born 27 Mar 1853, died 14 June 1931 in Richmond, Contra Costa County, CA. He married Estella Bidwell. She was born 6 Jan 1856 and died 29 Aug 1923. They had the following children:

Siddie Belle Lowe, born 25 Feb 1886.

Pearl Evelyn Lowe, born 14 Aug 1893, died 16 Mar 1916.


John Washington Freeman/Aldridge (son of Mary Jane Freeman, daughter of Jackson, son of John), born 15 Feb 1864 in TN, died 18 July 1941 in Henderson County, TN (Middleburg), buried at Judson Church Cemetery, Henderson County, TN. In 1870 and 1880, John is living in Henderson County, TN. During the late 1890s, he lived in Fannin County, Texas. By 1900 he was living in Decatur Conty, TN. John married first Martha Jean Rogers, daughter of Tobias B. Rogers and Nancy A. Moody, on 11 Dec 1884 in Decatur County, TN. Martha was born 19 June 1867 in Henderson County, TN and died 24 Feb 1919 in Fannin County, Texas. She is buried in the Grove Hill Cemetery in Fannin County, Texas. John and Martha had the following children:

William Tavner Freeman, born 26 Aug 1886, died 31 Oct 1945.

Alfred Tobias Freeman, born 8 Aug 1888, died 28 Mar 1979.

Elizabeth B. Freeman, born 15 Sep 1889, died before 1900, possibly premature?

Oder Lee Freeman, born 4 Jan 1893 in Bailey, Fannin County, Texas, died 20 June 1962, Reagan, Henderson County, TN, buried Barren Springs Church Cemetery, Henderson County, TN.

Viola O. Freeman, born 6 Feb 1895, died 21 Nov 1918.

Alberry W. Freeman "Berry", born 12 Nov 1897 in TN, died 3 Oct 1906, Fannin County, Texas, buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Fannin County, Texas. In 1900 he was living in Decatur County, TN.




The Freeman and Lott families are interconnected by marriage. To get additional information on the Lott family go to www.lottfamilies.com.

If you have additional or connecting information, please contact me. I would also appreciate any corrections. This site is always a work in process and I appreciate your assistance. My email address is bfreeman@usit.net.